Mission Statement

The Scientists Center for Animal Welfare (SCAW) is composed of research professionals dedicated to balancing animal welfare and excellence in basic and applied scientific inquiry. SCAW recognizes that some research areas present challenges regarding animal use. SCAW affirms that the potential benefit to humans and animals from research and the cost to the animal subject(s) must both be considered.

By addressing animal research challenges directly through education and training, SCAW serves to facilitate open discussion and helps craft solutions as well as promote best practices. Through its outreach to the broader research community, SCAW demonstrates its commitment to excellence in animal care and science.

SCAW also sponsors an educational Winter Conference and many Seminars/Workshops each year. SCAW will continue to be a major source for fulfilling the training requirements stated in USDA/APHIS/AC Policy 15 that states "IACUC members should be trained in understanding the Animal Welfare Act, protocol review and facility inspections.” see upcoming educational programs and SCAW publications.